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We connect producers and buyers across the globe with our Direct Trade marketplace. Offering a direct route to market and producer-led pricing for farmers coupled with end to end logistics management and peace of mind for buyers.

Here are the coffees that we currently have available, to order please get in touch via email. Or alternatively make a bespoke request and we can use our 100s of producer connections to find the perfect coffee for you.

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  • We ship direct from the producer at origin, meaning it will arrive with you in best possible condition.
  • Take advantage of a shorter supply chain to know exactly where your money is going with fair and transparent pricing!
  • We make things easy by managing sales and logistics to ship coffee direct from origin to your business.

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Are you interested in better understanding the direct sales process?

Book a free online 30 min consultation with Book a free consultation with our Q grader or green sales trader! They will assess your requirements and connect you with the right coffee for your business.

Nicolas Pastellopoulos

Nicolas Pastellopoulos

Coffee Quality Manager

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James Andrews

James Andrews

Specialty Green Coffee Sales Trader

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