Lot BR-22-006: Sítio dos Cedros - Fully Washed Mountains of Espirito Santo  

Lot Description

Reference Number:BR-22-006
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:132 lbs
Varietal:Catucaí 785
Process:Fully Washed
Screen Size:16up
Bags Size:30kg
Bag Type:30kg Jute with plastic Lining
Location:Venda Nova Dos Imigrantes
Producer:Dério Brioschi Junior
Drying Method:suspended terrace

Coffee details

Farm details

Producer Name: Dério Brioschi Junior
Farm Name: Sítio Dos Cedros
Country: BRAZIL
Number of Coffee Trees: 15,000 plants
Location: Venda Nova Dos Imigrantes
Average Rainfall: 1400mm
Envoronmental Protection Measures: agroforestry

Producer Story:

The fifth generation of the Italian descent Brioschi family has made a living from coffee since their great-grandparents. The coffees produced at Sítio dos Cedros, the family's main property, undergo a careful selection through manual harvesting carried out by the owners and agricultural partners, providing greater satisfaction to those who will taste the drink. From May to December, the beans mature slowly and healthily thanks to the region's mild temperature and rich soil, in addition, of course, to family work.

Along with that, the property has made a commitment to nature by developing the agroforestry system, thus reducing impacts on the environment, and bringing even more remarkable qualities to the fruit. The lots from Sítio dos Cedros have high sweetness, medium body with a creamy texture, high acidity, sugarcane, and caramel flavor, prolonged and balanced finish, in addition to having floral notes and yellow fruits, mainly jasmine, cajá and mango, red fruits, honey, nuts and other infinity of flavors. The uniqueness of the product, combined with the careful family work, has already been recognized in some awards, such as the Quality of Venda Nova do Imigrante Contest (2014) and the 2017 Highlight Award promoted by BSCA.

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Coffee and cupping details

Clean Cup:10.0
Tasting Notes:Rapadura, clean, orange acidity, structured, full, long finish