Lot UG.22-012: Masha Washed

Lot Description

Reference Number:UG.22-012
Opening Bid:$3.00/lb
Weight:1,322.77 lbs
Varietal:SL14, SL28
Harvest:Oct-Dec 2021
Screen Size:AA,A
Bags Size:60
Bag Type:GrainPro in jute
Producer:Lot bags 5
Producer Cup Score:85.7
Drying Method:Float, then pulp only fresh red cherries, wet fermented, washed then dried under the solar dryer

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Chocolate, caramel, fruity, sweet after taste
Q Grader Reference:Claire Rwakatogo-UCDA-Uganda Coffee Development Authority-Head of cuppers
Producer Score:85.7

Farm details

Producer Name: Masha Quality Holdings Uganda ltd
Farm Name: Masha Farms
Country: UGANDA
Founding Year: 2016
Location: Eastern

Producer Story:

The farm was established in 2006 and company registered in 2016, company became active in 2019, Eunice Cehkaptui-our technical manager who is an Agronomist is in charge of the farm. The key challenges are low productivity due to water losses, erosion, shade. We have embarked on soil conservation through GAPs ie mulching, planting shade trees, terraces and use of cover crops.

Other info

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