Lot YEM-23-13c: Collective Al Mahjar & Bait Hujairah

Lot Description

Reference Number:YEM-23-13c
Opening Bid:$0.00/lb
Weight:198 lbs
Process:Double Anaerobic
Producer Cupping Notes:Cotton candy, strawberries, blackberries
Producer Cup Score:89.75
Drying Method:30.45 days

Coffee details


Strawberry and cotton candy in the fragrance. A sweet, clean and structured coffee with layered flavours through the different temperatures. Notes of cherry, banana, bramble and extended fermentation work harmoniously with a base of chocolate and caramel. The acidity is vivid and bright and sustains the sweetness in the cup.

Score description: 

Farm details

Town: Al Mahjar & Bait Hujairah
Location: Al Hayma

Producer Story:

Situated at 2200 meters above sea level, producers in the Mikhlaf Al-Rub’ area are blessed by high altitudes and fertile soils. Both towns of Wadi Bait-Hujairah and Al Mahjar are located with Mikhlaf Al-Rub’ and are known for their high-quality coffee production. For this lot, producers hailing from these two towns who do not produce enough coffee to create a single producer lot have been combined into a collective, before being processed using Sheba’s double Anaerobic processing method. To create such a high scoring lot, Sheba’s team in Yemen cup through each sample received, no matter the size, making sure to create the perfect balance in the cup. For this particular lot, nearly 100 farms were combined, most contributing no more than a few kilos from their gardens.

Producers in the region depend on several crops for their income, including pumpkins, peaches, melons and various legumes. Both towns are also widely covered with Cordia myxa, a plum tree native to the region. Farmers in the region take full advantage of these trees, using their shade to benefit their coffee trees.

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