Flavours of Ethiopia


Flavours of Ethiopia

Auction starts: 31st May at 11:00 hrs London time

A market access Ethiopian auction, aiming to showcase classic coffee profiles with scores ranging from 84 to 88 points. We will be featuring washed, natural and anaerobic lots from a variety of producers, including 2 lots from, 2021 Ethiopian Cup of Excellence winner, Tamiru Tadesse.

For more information contact us at: hello@sensible.coffee

Overall Offer List Description

Origin: Ethiopia
Varieties: 74158, Heirloom and Local landrace (Wolisho and Kurumee)
Harvest Months: September 2021 - January 2022
Score: 83.75+

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Lots in this offer list

LotVarietyProcessScoreBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueEstimated FOBTitleHigh bidderTime left
ETH.22-001Wolisho and KurumeeNatural87.0101,322.77lbs$0.10$13.00/lb$17,196.01$19,299.21Tulissio G.Shiferaw naturalStill Available. Please Make an Offer. FINISHED
ETH.22-00274158Anaerobic Natural86.751132.27lbs$0.10$26.80/lb$3,544.84$3,846.41Alo Kebele Bensa Woreda Anaerobic Natural (Tamiru Tadesse)Euphora Coffee Studio FINISHED
ETH.22-003Wolisho and KurumeeNatural86.25101,322.77lbs$0.10$13.00/lb$17,196.01$19,299.21Tigist Teshome NaturalStill Available. Please Make an Offer. FINISHED
ETH.22-00474158Natural86.25101,322.77lbs$0.10$8.60/lb$11,375.82$13,188.01Alo Kebele Bensa Woreda Natural (Tamiru Tadesse)GIL-Coffee, Comansa, Oraund Coffee. FINISHED
ETH.22-005Wolisho and KurumeeNatural85.25101,322.77lbs$0.10$13.00/lb$17,196.01$19,299.21Aricha A.Daye NaturalStill Available. Please Make an Offer. FINISHED
ETH.22-006Wolisho and KurumeeNatural85.0101,322.77lbs$0.10$13.00/lb$17,196.01$19,299.21Aricha S.Tesema NaturalStill Available. Please Make an Offer. FINISHED
ETH.22-00774110Natural84.25101,322.77lbs$0.10$6.40/lb$8,465.73$10,132.42Kefyalew Deressa NaturalBelow Reserve. Please Make an Offer. FINISHED
ETH.22-008Heirloom Natural84.0101,322.77lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$6,613.85$8,187.94Haile Bds - Gr1 Natural FINISHED
ETH.22-00974110Washed83.75101,322.77lbs$0.10$6.60/lb$8,730.28$10,410.19Kefyalew Deressa WashedGIL-Coffee, Comansa, Oraund Coffee. FINISHED

Coffee Connection: still available!

There are still some lots available from this auction! It would be incredible to see every coffee sold and keep supporting the farmers to connect with new buyers around the world. Perhaps take a look in more details at this coffees and if you are interested send us a message:

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