Lot BR-22-015: AMAM 2nd Place - Isabela Lima Reis

Being the third generation of farmers, Isabela Lima Reis has lived at Fazenda Bela Vista all her life and has worked there for the past 37 years always seeking various innovations.
All Fazenda Bela Vista has achieved so far has been with the support of her father, mother, and brother, who help in the management of the property.

The mission has remained the same: the production of high-quality coffee. With time, some adjustments have been made: technology, which was scarce in the past, commands history today. The coffees planted in the mountains, on steep terrains, all handpicked, have open space to the flat plateau where the machine plays its role.
Bela Vista, however, wants to develop further; The goal is to take its coffee to the world.

Lot Description

Reference Number:BR-22-015
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:198 lbs
Varietal:Yellow Bourbon
Grade:NY 2
Screen Size:16 up
Bags Size:30kg
Bag Type:30kg Jute with plastic Lining
Producer Cupping Notes:Dark chocolate, ripe fruits, sweet banana, jaboticaba fruit with fosforic acidity and dense body
Producer:Isabela Lima Reis

Farm details

Producer Story:

A century-old farm that has been growing specialty coffees since 1923. The dedication and love for coffee growing is a family heirloom. And over the years, coffee has been maintained on this property, undergoing restructuring and investments in technology. The brothers, Isabela and Antônio Lima Reis, run the farm that belonged to their parents and also belonged to their grandparents. And all of her work takes place alongside her children, Gabriela Lima Reis, Júlia Gonçalves Lima Reis, Juliano Moreira Reis Filho and Otávio Lima Reis. Sustainability is part of the result found in coffee quality. These are flavors that stand out on the palate. Produced at more than 1050 meters of altitude in a privileged place like Nepomuceno in the south of Minas Gerais, the producers cultivate the varieties Bourbon Amarelo, Catucaí, Arara, Catuaí Vermelho/Yellow and Mundo Novo.

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Coffee and cupping details

Clean Cup:10.0
Tasting Notes:Dark chocolate, ripe fruits, sweet banana, jaboticaba fruit with fosforic acidity and dense body