Lot BR-22-014: AMAM 1st Place - Luciana Valias

In 2008 Luciana inherited the farm from her parents, Sérgio Meirelles and Lucília Valias Meirelles. At the time, she was a psychologist and gave up her career to manage the properties.
There were years of learning, hits and misses, but once she understood that love and work are linked, it all seemed easier. Thanks to all the passion put into work, Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Valias has been able to grow coffees that stand out in specialty coffee quality competitions.

Lot Description

Reference Number:BR-22-014
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:198 lbs
Varietal:Catuaí Vermelho
Grade:NY 2
Screen Size:16 up
Bags Size:30kg
Bag Type:30kg Jute with plastic Lining
Producer Cupping Notes:Honey, milk chocolate, plums, dried fruits with malic and citrus acidity, creamy liqueur body
Producer:Luciana Valias

Farm details

Producer Story:

The Valias farm is located in the municipality of Aricanduva in the mining region known as Chapada de Minas. A place where most of the coffee production is concentrated. The owner Luciana Valias has managed the farm for about 12 years. There are 40 hectares with 60,000 coffee trees planted at an altitude of 1030 meters. At the beginning, the biggest challenge was the lack of knowledge with the culture, since the producer previously had psychology as a profession. He gave up life in the city of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí, and family life to continue the work that his father had already started on the farm. Between mistakes and successes, he continued with the support of his father and thus reached a surprising quality. Among the varieties are yellow catuaí, red catuaí and new world. Since she was a little girl, she always observed the care that her grandfather and father had with the yard to maintain the quality of the grain that was harvested from the field. He understood that he needed to know more about the production of specialty coffees. To reach the exact quality of the coffee Luciana faced many challenges and each one was overcome with great success. For the producer, today it is a pride to be able to produce coffees that elevate the palate.

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Coffee and cupping details

Clean Cup:10.0
Tasting Notes:Honey, milk chocolate, plumbs, dried fruits with malic and citrus acidity, creamy liqueur body.